Working In The Gambling Industry: Little-Known Facts, Trivia & More

There are countless ways to describe the iGaming industry. This young, unique, and continually thriving sector is unpredictable, innovative, and fast-paced, making it characteristically thrilling. Since iGaming is so polarizing, working in the gambling industry is absolutely not for everyone – despite its numerous and exciting benefits. Regardless, more and more individuals choose to immerse themselves in this rapidly changing international work culture. 

The industry encompasses various fields, and online gambling, in particular, can be fertile soil for growing one’s transferable and essential skills. These skills often include anything from SEO to UX design and HR, with the addition of work mobility and the absence of traditional stationary work conditions. Here’s what you need to know about iGaming careers. 

Working In The Gambling Industry: Understanding The Basics

Here are ten things you should know about this exciting sector:

  • iGaming is often misunderstood
  • The sector is multilingual and international
  • There are vast relocation opportunities
  • Individuals have limitless career progression options
  • The sector continues to become more lucrative
  • Industry professionals from a tightly-knit community
  • Employees work under flexible working conditions
  • Specialization is unavoidable 
  • Physical offices are impressive.

iGaming Is Often Misunderstood

The crucial thing to understand about this industry and the potential careers within it is that the term “iGaming” is broad. This word covers all online gambling firms, but most punters colloquially use it to refer to online casinos and online poker rooms.

However, keep in mind that iGaming also relates to fantasy sports, binary trading, cryptocurrencies, eSports betting, online sports betting, and more. This sector contains countless different businesses and includes everything from platform providers and game designers to affiliates. 

The Sector Is Multilingual & International 

When working in the gambling industry, you’ll find yourself amongst the majority if you speak more than one language. Indeed, you’ll struggle to find coworkers who speak less than three or four languages in this sector. Such diversity results from a uniquely multicultural work environment, an impressive feat to achieve in any industry.

This industry reaches even the farthest corners of the globe. For example, countries like Australia and New Zealand are among the most popular online gambling markets with exceptional reputations. Punters looking to explore these markets might want to check out as an excellent resource for reputable casinos (and potentially, career opportunities!).

There Are Vast Relocation Opportunities

If you’re an individual who prefers to remain stationary, you should probably not look for a career in this sector. The biggest operators in the industry boast international offices located in numerous countries worldwide. Examples include Malta, Estonia, the UK, Spain, Sweden, and even Asia. 

The Asian region is recording an increase in iGaming-related interest at an astonishing rate. In other words, the industry is perfect if you’re a voluntary globetrotter with high job-related relocation opportunities.

Individuals Have Limitless Career Progression Options

Working in the gambling industry is perfect for fast-tracking your career if you’re an ambitious individual. This sector features quick career progression with years of experience becoming rewarded, in addition to potential, commitment, and talent. 

According to reputable recruitment agencies, the industry favors individuals with a certain mindset and personality instead of a precise skillset. Rewards come to those who demonstrate intelligent thinking, a proactive approach, and showing initiative. 

For example, if you find that your boss or supervisor is in their early thirties, don’t feel surprised. When looking to climb the corporate ladder, you should be willing to stand above the rest by putting in the hours. Even if you’re a complete beginner, it shouldn’t take more than three to four years to become a valued commodity. 

The gambling industry Continues To Become More Lucrative

This aspect of working in the gambling industry should be intuitive since we’re talking about a profit-friendly sector that shows no signs of slowing down. For example, past projections indicated that the gambling market would exceed US$59.97 billion by 2020. 

However, this figure quickly proved too conservative (US$66.72 billion), thanks to eSports and cryptocurrencies’ unpredictable potential and popularity. These sectors further accelerated the global market’s growth, resulting in the same implication as for any prosperous industry. In other words, this market is ripe with innovation, growth, investment, and countless other opportunities.

Industry Professionals Form A Tightly-Knit Community

Considering one of the aspects we mentioned previously (the industry’s international and multilingual character), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that countless iGaming employees are ex-pats. Indeed, this sector is famous worldwide for its ironclad social networking potential. 

Such a community exists thanks to social networks and weekend parties, after-work events, and other catalysts. If you manage to land a position in one of the larger companies, you’ll benefit from your new job in more ways than one. 

For instance, most of these companies go above and beyond to ensure relocation, and new employees ease into the local community and make friends. The big party culture also exists – in no small part, mind you – thanks to the industry’s youthful nature.

Employees Work Under Flexible Working Conditions

This aspect of working in the gambling industry is yet another element of the sector’s online-based and youthful nature. Employees can choose to work according to their own hours or remotely and are typically open to discussing highly personalized contracts and part-time arrangements. 

According to numerous employers, individuals value such flexibility. Additionally, employees eventually trust their work environments more thanks to adopting a sense of responsibility from working alternative hours and remotely.

Specialization Is Unavoidable in gambling industry

When observing the requirements for breaking into more senior-level roles, there is rarely a condition of having an iGaming background. You’ll find countless jobs without a level of expertise required or expected. That said, keep in mind that candidates with prior industry experience still have a slight advantage over their non-experienced applicants.

As previously mentioned, most recruiters will look for stand-alone skills regardless of where you’ve previously been applying them. When looking at young companies seeking talented staff, you’ll be an attractive prospect if you have a solid understanding of the following skills: SEO, affiliate management, product design, HR, customer retention, marketing, or programming. 

Merely working in the industry will expose you to countless community events, industry news publications, and varied work communication. Consequently, it shouldn’t take more than a year to realize you’re close to an expert in your respective field, regardless of whether it’s online poker or working with sportsbooks.

Physical Offices Are Impressive

When looking at modernity, ergonomics, and creativity, iGaming industry offices give even Silicon Valley startups a run for their money. This sector’s defining characteristics include being lucrative, innovative, and young. 

Working in the gambling industry is also attractive because numerous features help turn companies’ offices into an appropriate setting for parties and after-work events. These features include stylish interiors, skyscraper views, quirky art, free lunch buffets, modern kitchens, relaxation rooms, games rooms, and more.

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