Why Do Online Casinos Have Bonus Wagering Requirements?

Many online casinos offer tempting deposit bonuses and promotions, but there’s a catch: you’ll have to wager a particular amount before you can cash out. This is known as the bonus wagering requirements or playthrough quota. Thus it is safe to say there is no such thing as free money in online gaming.

While they are one of the most puzzling bonus conditions, wagering requirements also determine the actual worth of a casino bonus and distinguish between good and bad casino bonuses.

This article will explain how wagering requirements function, how they apply to various promotions (such as the bonuses available at https://rocketplay.com/categories/bonus-wagering), what bonus conditions you have to look out for when wagering a bonus.

What Is a Wagering Requirement?

As mentioned earlier, online casinos do not give out free money. Casinos usually put a playthrough quota (usually 20 to70 times your bonus or free spin winnings)on their bonuses to ensure players simply do not cash out these bonuses. These playthrough quotas or wagering requirements as they are fondly called are only withdrawable after you play through the value of your bonus or free spin win a certain number of times.

How Do Casinos Use Wagering Requirements?

It would not be financially viable for casinos to offer incentives if they did not have wagering requirements. Hence, casinos have wagering requirements to guarantee that you do not simply withdraw a bonus.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

When you’ve exhausted your cash balance and are ready to play with bonus credits, you’ll begin wagering the bonus. Bear in mind that certain games contribute to your wagering requirement faster than others. Because there are no deposits required to claim a no deposit offer, you can begin wagering the bonus credits right away.

What Are Wagering Requirements and Why Are They Required in Casinos?

To make sure that you do not claim a bonus and immediately remove the money you have received or won, casinos impose wagering requirements. Typically, an online casino will demand you to wager between 20 and 70 times the amount of your bonus. The higher the wagering requirement, the more difficult it is to meet.

Wagering requirements are always displayed in numbers, and they depend on a bonus, and one or more of the following conditions:

  • Your qualifying deposit and the number of bonus credits you’ve received.
  • The amount of money you’ve won from free spins in total.
  • The total number of bonus credits you’ve received as a no deposit bonus or a match deposit bonus.

How Different Games Affect Your Wagering Requirement

When you play table games, video poker, or live casino games only a portion of your stake will count toward your wagering requirement. This is referred to as game weighting, and the percentages may differ from one casino to the next.

Slots on the other hand contribute more to your wagering requirement. An amount equal to your whole investment is deducted. Your wagering requirement will be reduced by $1 whenever you play a $1 spin.

On games like pokies, casinos typically impose game weighting percentages ranging from 5% to 25%. Only $0.01 is removed from your wagering requirement if you bet $1 on a 10% weighted game.

Bonus Conditions That Affect Bonus Wagering

Asides from wagering requirements, there are other bonus terms that can influence your chances of cashing a casino bonus. These bonus terms are:

Excluded Games

Pokies with high volatility and RTP percentages are excluded from casinos for the same reason that bet size limits are implemented: to limit your chances of scoring large wins that leave significant amounts in your bonus balance after your wagering requirement is met.

Consequently, each casino has a list of games that you are not permitted to play with bonus funds. If you use a bonus to play games that aren’t eligible for it, the casino will take your bonus winnings.

Win Limits

The amount of bonus winnings you can withdraw is sometimes limited by the casino. Win limitations are typically only applied to no deposit bonuses to guarantee that players do not win more than a particular amount with their free bonuses. The winning cap can range from $30 to $300.

Game Weighting Percentages

As previously stated, game weighting percentages have a huge impact on your chances of wagering a bonus and differ widely from one casino to the next.

When wagering a bonus on live casino games, table games, or video poker, you should constantly compare game weighting percentages.

Bet Size Limits Bet Size Limits

Casinos can successfully manage risk by simply restricting your wager size because casino wins are always multiplied by your stake. As a result, most casinos limit your stake size to $5 per spin when you use bonus credits.

Casinos restrict your chances of making huge wins by limiting your stake amount. This might leave significant funds in your account even after you’ve met your wagering requirement.

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