Why Casual Gamers Prefer Mobile Over Other Platforms?

Many believe there are 3 types of gamers in this world, Casual, Strategic and fantasy. All play games for their own reason, with their own play style but today we are going to talk about why the Casual Gamers prefer Mobile platforms over any other. But before we actually do that, we need to know what a casual gamer is, right?

Who is a Casual Gamer?

Basically, a casual gamer is someone who enjoys killing the time during their breaks or when they are travelling. Someone who doesn’t make time to play games but when they have some extra time they need to kill, they prefer to do that by playing games and they aren’t concerned about the genre as long as it’s keeping them somewhat occupied and entertained.

It could be as simple as a basic puzzle game one day, and a complicated strategy game, the next. It’s just when they have nothing else to do, casual gamers love to play games. And they happen to be one of the main reasons that the booming mobile game market devotes so much time to a wide range of gaming genres.

But Why do Casual Gamers Prefer Mobile?

Now back to our main question which is why they prefer a mobile platform over any other? And that is because the casual gamers unlike the hardcore or strategy gamers, make time to play games. The games prefered by them are actually quite power-intensive. Mostly, the mobile platform does not support but the casual gamers don’t have any specific type. They like to stick with and according to a recent survey, almost half of the casual gamers want their games to be light. 

And one of the reasons why they want their games to be small-sized is so that they can easily download them and install them on their mobile devices and play the games while having their breaks maybe during their lunch breaks from work or when they are taking a metro to their home.

That is the whole point of being a casual gamer, and it only takes like, less than a day for them to decide their next games to play it could be a game of any type but as they prefer mobile games it could be games like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale to name a few.

Now if we actually have to decide which genre the casual gamers prefer the most then it would be the hyper-casual games. Casual gamers love to play hyper-casual games. They hit all the checks, they are quite small in size, and they keep the players entertained. The players don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the game and most importantly they are completely free.

These games do come with a few ads that the player can watch in return for some in-game rewards. It is the most casual gamers like to have instead of spending any real money. And if you are just starting out with your favourite game, Eldorado is a great in-game trading site that can help you kickstart your journey.

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