Which App Gives The Best Poker Experience Among PokerBaazi and GetMega?

Confused about which app to choose for playing GetMega or PokerBaazi? Do you want to experience the best online poker game? No need to worry as we are going to tell you which app is best for the poker experience. GetMega and PokerBaazi both are gaming platforms that provide online poker facilities. Poker is a card game where the winner is decided based on the best hands. We will be giving you the different features and best poker experience among PokerBaazi and GetMega, which will help you choose the best app for the best gaming experience.

Which app gives the best poker experience: GetMega Or PokerBaazi?

GetMega and PokerBaazi both are gaming platforms that provide their players with the best poker experience even in an online mode. They are emerging as the best platforms where you can feel the real-time gaming experience. Here are different features which will help you decide which app to choose:


GetMega provides a 24×7 leaderboard for games like poker, rummy, carrom, or pool. The score on the leaderboard is decided based on task and winning. Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards are presented to help players know their position. You can top the leaderboard either by winning the tournaments or simply by playing.

The results and position on the leaderboard of PokerBaazi are determined at a fixed time or the end of the round. Here the round refers to the tournament. Mostly, the position on the leaderboard gets settled at a particular time frame.

Real Players

Both GetMega and PokerBaazi ensure that there are only real players in the game. 

In GetMega, the players are verified by phone numbers and Facebook profiles. The verification is done by the Facebook photo itself. No bots are allowed on the game and the certification of the platform by RNG is a member of AIGF. There is 100% verification of the players in both games.

In PokerBaazi, the players had to have their PAN cards verified for playing.

Number of Games of PokerBaazi and GetMega

PokerBaazi and GetMega offer many games.

GetMega offers games under three categories: casual, trivia, and cards.

  • Casual: Carrom, GoPool, ABC Rummy, Warship, Dots & Dash.
  • Trivia: 123, Picme, GK
  • Cards: Poker, Rummy

Apart from poker, there are other different games in GetMega, which you can play to relax and also earn money in them. The games are suitable for people of all ages. The Trivia games in GetMega are for improving one’s intellectual level. Thus, you can choose from so many games and earn real money.

Some of the games offered by PokerBaazi are:

  • Live casino games against real players
  • Slot games
  • Games
  • Jackpot games
  • Video poker

User Interface

The UI (user interface) of GetMega is user-friendly and simple. The user can set the gameplay as horizontal or vertical on their preference. The navigation is easy and the games are interactive. The website is easy to access and also looks attractive. The user interface is highly optimized and makes it easy for the user to locate and navigate. The website is easy to access and also looks attractive. The website works seamlessly and is very smooth in its working.

The user interface of PokerBaazi is extremely smooth and exciting. It has a simple UI that keeps all the types of poker games working and also in a smooth manner.

Additional Features

There are many additional features in the game apart from these.

  • Signup bonus – With both GetMega and PokerBaazi, you receive a signup bonus when you register in the app. For the first time, this is done to motivate new players and welcome them. GetMega offers an amazing signup bonus after registration.
  • Audio and video feature – GetMega allows its players to have both audio and video chat facilities to experience real-time gaming. In GetMega, you can talk and see your opponent and build relations in the game as well. PokerBaazi provides video chatting options to its players for a better gaming experience.
  • Referral reward – GetMega provides exciting referral rewards to their players. For every person who comes by your reference and plays, you receive Rs 10 as a bonus. There are many other exciting offers available on GetMega as well. But apart from all the features, PokerBaazi doesn’t provide any referral bonus to any player.

Game Play

In GetMega, the gameplay provides entertainment and fun. The user can play either horizontally or vertically, the way you want. The gameplay is very smooth, which eventually helps in focusing on the game. You have to be very strategic while playing and work on improving your compatibility. The gameplay and the UI is highly optimized to make sure that there are no glitches and you can enjoy the game. While in PokerBaazi, your gameplay depends on the offering and it is improving with observation and skills. The most important point is to focus on your tokens and your gameplay more than that of your opponents.

Safety and Security for PokerBaazi and GetMega

GetMega and PokerBaazi, both apps are licensed and certified, which makes them 100% safe and secure.

The player’s identities are not revealed and their money and other details are also safe. GetMega is also part of AIGF (All India Gaming Federation) and is certified by iTech Labs of Australia, which ensures its safety. The player’s identity and money in GetMega are 100% safe and the profiles of users are also verified which ensures no bots are present in the game.


Both GetMega and PokerBaazi are exciting and interesting poker gaming platforms that provide their users with real-time gaming experiences and real money. With the help of these qualities, it will be easy for you to choose which app is best for playing games online poker. Besides, PokerBaazi and GetMega provide more functions and fun to their players. The platform is certified which makes it totally safe and legal.

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