Teen Patti – Getting Popular on Online Casinos

Teen Patti is a very traditional and popular card game, originating from India. Saying that, if we look back about 5 years, it was virtually impossible to find Teen Patti games on online casinos. It’s safe to say, times have changed since then. Here is, how teen Patti getting popular on online casinos.

Teen Patti is one of the most popular card games in all of South Asia, so it isn’t particularly surprising to see its growth in European online casinos as well. Many of these casinos have noticed, that South Asia, and especially India is a growing market, worth several billion. To attract players from all over the world, you simply need to have a solid foundation of different games, showing that you care. Teen Patti is a perfect example of online casinos caring about their players, no matter where they are geographically located.

Rules of the Game

Even though it might sound a bit complicated to start with, we can assure you that Teen Patti is actually a fairly straightforward game, and anyone can learn it. Most of the characteristics of Teen Patti come from traditional poker, so if you’ve ever played poker in any form, you should be well on your way to mastering the great game of Teen Patti!

It’s actually this simple:

  • 3-6 players can attend the game
  • Deck uses 52 cards (no jokers)
  • Each player will be dealt 3 cards (face down)
  • “Boot” money is used to describe the so-called ante’s that each participant needs to invest in order to play each round
  • The pot grows as the game progresses, and the best hand will win the pot in the end

The biggest difference to poker comes from the actual rankings/hand values. In Teen Patti, there are 6 different ranking factors: Trail or a Set, Pure sequence, colour, pair, and high card. These are being used to determine which player has the best hand at the end of the deal.

Examples of hands:

  1. Trail or Set – Three of a Kind (222, 333, 444, 555, etc.)
  2. Pure sequence – same suit (A23, 345, AKQ, KQJ, etc)
  3. Sequence – doesn’t have to be the same suit (AKQ, 432, 567, KQJ, etc)
  4. Colour – same suit (AKT, T92, 532, etc.)
  5. Pair
  6. High card

Learn how to play Teen Patti

There are multiple different outlets you could use in order to learn about Teen Patti, but one of the best ways to start is to browse YouTube or find literature regarding Teen Patti. Teenpatti.info is also a well-known website, where you can find tips, tricks, methods, strategies, and guides on how to play Teen Patti. Learn to play Teen Patti at Teenpatti.info!

If you’ve never played anything related to gambling before, remember to take it slowly and play responsibly. You should always be on the lookout for possible signs indicating stress, frustration, etc. Teen Patti can be a frustrating game at times, so you should always be mentally prepared to face losses, as well as big wins! 

Only play on sites you trust

Sure, you can, of course, have fun with your friends and play Teen Patti with smaller stakes, but if you want to spread your wings and aim for the bigger wins, playing Teen Patti on online casinos is usually the first step. However, no matter how bad you want to play Teen Patti, you should always try to find an online casino you can rely on 100%. Most, if not all licensed casinos are nowadays safe but always check a few things before you start playing. Check their customer support, deposit bonuses, licenses, deposit methods, and withdrawal times. These should already give you a good overview of how this particular casino online operates.

Can I play Teen Patti against the house?

Yes. Even though Teen Patti is usually played with other players, there are several instances where you can play Teen Patti against the house (online casino). This means that there are no other players you’re playing against, but you’re trying to beat the dealer. Video Teen Patti and Live Teen Patti are usually good places to start, but please remember, that if you’re playing against the house, the flow of the game isn’t the same anymore! You can’t bluff for example, if you’re playing against the house.

The good thing about playing against the house is usually the lucrative bonuses that are being offered to players. For example, most of the Teen Patti tables at online casinos will offer some sort of bonuses, if you manage to hit AAA (three of a kind) for example. These bonuses can be well over 100:1, depending on where you are playing!

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