Variations Of The Roulette Wheel You Must Know

Toying with a Roulette wheel surely seems like a lot of fun. But the game might become dull when you keep playing it for days. Credit any game to the simplistic ritual, and it eventually falls short of surprises and thrills.

But worry not. Variations of Roulette can help keep the spirits high and help you maintain your interest on the side. There are tons of variations available.

Most of you might be familiar with the American and European wheel numbers. But did you know that there are other unknown forms too? Let us explore all of these and much more in detail:

Diamond Roulette

The game is a vibrant addition to the roulette wheel’s usually black and red flares. You get blue, yellow, and even purple colors to please your eyes. Every color in the diamond roulette represents six numbers. As a player, you can bet on any color paying from 5 to 1. When you get to the table with two zeros, the player is even allowed to bet as per a combination of a single color and the number zero.

Double Action Roulette

The game is ideal for players looking for an edge of sophistication in the usual roulette game. There are two wheels present on the table. The smaller wheel is tucked inside the bigger one. The wheels are spun, and the balls usually land in a slot between the two wheels. The players get two numbers for each spin.

Players can bet on a single wheel or both as per the parlay rules. The rules of betting on a single wheel are similar to the traditional roulette. However, the interesting part comes with the parlay bets. They have rather more exciting payouts between 3 to 1 and 25 to 1. Using casino offers, many players seek out great winnings in this game. The game is also popular as an exciting web application that you can easily find on play store

Double Ball Roulette Wheel

Yes, you guessed it right. The game includes two balls. When a player uses an inside bet, the probability increases as any ball can win you the money by landing on the number. In the case of an external bet, both balls need to land in the same number on which the bet is made. The two-phased gameplay makes this version of roulette super interesting.

Alphabetic Roulette

In this version, the wheel numbers are replaced by the alphabet of the English language. There are 25 possibilities when choosing single letters. It would be best to choose from A to X. The letter Z is missing in the sequence. Note that Z and Y are tucked in the same section, and the possibility of getting those is high due to their position.

The Alphabetic Roulette also features six different types of colors. The letters are divided into four sections of different colors each. The Y and Z section has no color.

The betting is never short of enjoyment. Players can bet on each letter or choose a couple of them. There are bets on 3 and 4 letters as well. A dealer also allows betting on certain letter combinations, and there are bets on letters as well. For instance, a player can bet on the letter PARTY, i.e., the bet on five letters P A R T, and Y. An exciting bet is the betting on letters of the word ROULETTE. Betting also happens on several colors or column combinations.

Alphabetic roulette is a rare game that offers a 4% probability of a house, regardless of the nature of the bet. The game is widespread, and you can play them at any gaming casino.

Back to Back Roulette Wheel

Also termed Back2Back Roulette, the variation comes with optional betting on various lucky numbers. If the number hits twice in a row, you get to win 1200 to 1 on your bet. The variation is popular in casinos like Atlantic in Reno, Nevada.

Primetime Roulette

Another intriguing addition to the list, the Primetime Roulette, is great for players who want to enjoy the game for prolonged sessions. The game revolves around the prime numbers from 2 to 31. Players bet on the prime numbers, and the payout is according to the number of times they hit the number. However, there is a catch. The player must move right after the ball lands on a non-prime number. This adds to the likeability of the game for the players as they often fall into a long gaming streak by hitting prime numbers continuously. The game also comes with a payout for single primetime numbers. The players who get a prime number 7 times in a row, get the jackpot. Well, in this case, the payout increases to 299:1.

Movie Roulette Wheel

To make things more engaging, some casinos create wheels that have interesting movie characters on the wheel instead of numbers and letters. A fine example of this is the Playtech Company’s wheel. It has various popular Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, etc. While this game version is not so standard, it piques your interest. Casinos use the variation whenever a new movie comes out, and the characters appear on the wheel.

Rapid Roulette

The game is simply a modernized version of the roulette wheel simulator. The tables have electronic touch screens for players to place their bets. This is more exciting as compared to using real chips. Many players often find the game intuitive due to the attractive displays on the table. However, many players are opposed to the idea as they believe that the game’s real essence lies in real chips, not virtual ones.

Summing Up

Each variation has its level of excitement, from movie inclusions to colorful roulette wheels and double balls to virtual betting. While the above-described variations will add a spark to your love for the classic game, they will also help you create better roulette strategies. Most games are available in casinos, but you can also find these versions online easily. Go ahead, embark on a journey to master a new roulette game, and never look back.  

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