What are Poker Card Protectors? 5 Amazing Usable Ideas

During a World Series of Poker Event, the famous player Gregory Raymer brought fossils from his personal collection as poker card protectors. Since then, the conversational pieces came into the spotlight, and everyone started making a show by using the best they had.

Poker card protectors are some of the most interesting playing equipment one can carry in his pocket. And there is no restriction to the design, style, and concept. Unless it’s too heavy for the table, it can be carried and displayed with style and bravura. In this blog, we shall get to know a few ideas that one can imply for using unique card protectors.   

What are Poker Card Protectors?

Card guards or protectors can be any item that players bring to the table to protect their hole cards while playing those intriguing hands. In common words, the poker card protectors help secure the hand from getting accidentally folded. Many players get their hands folded in live poker when the card shows up just because there was nothing on it to keep it secure. Card protectors are identical to paperweight in the sense that they protect cards, not paper.

Uses of Poker Card Protectors

Many poker players frequently keep their hands close to the cards. To avoid this, many use chips to keep the thing in place, and others use a protector. Interestingly, playing card protectors do more than just protect the chips. Many players use them as lucky charms or a thing to cast an imaginary spell during the game.

The record has it that poker players are quite superstitious. They believe that luck can be molded in their favor not just with skills but with talismans as well. This is how the protectors help them be on the flukier side of the game.

If we talk logically, the poker card weight is of no use other than keeping cards unfolded. However, it doesn’t cost a fortune to bring your lucky thing around and win a game with confidence.

Poker Chips as Poker Card Protectors

Poker Chips as Poker Card Protectors

There are a few interesting ways to use a good protector. If you tend not to bring one with you from home, just use your chip to secure the cards. This is what many players do to protect their hands. While players frequently use different denominations and even groups of chips to safeguard their cards, the practice of using a single chip of the lowest feasible denomination is common.

A word of caution: If you decide to use poker chips as your card protector, make sure you use the same number of chips and the same chip denomination each time. The reasons are rather obvious. You don’t want to reveal the value of your hand and disclose that, depending on the situation, you have a premium hand or a medium holding. As an alternative, some players preserve their cards throughout their careers by using poker chips from different games.

You can bring in a chip that has nothing to do with their chips of the game. You can then use it as a card protector at the tables; most casinos and poker rooms won’t mind.

Bring your individual Poker Card Protectors

Bring your individual Lucky Charms.

Some players like to use their own fortunate charms at the tables that have nothing to do with poker. This is what we saw with the ‘Fossilman’ Greg Raymer.

It is quite common to see players use sentimental items like toys, tiny rocks, and other objects they feel will bring them luck. Additionally, religious artifacts are permitted because some players think that poker and religion go well together.

You can use pretty much any tiny object that you think to be lucky as your card protector. Use anything, whether you acquired it from your wife, your priest, or your shaman. Coins, little jewelry, and other small objects that won’t hide your cards are acceptable in any cardroom and won’t be prohibited.

Keep in mind that when you start bringing larger items can be a bit problematic. Since these things can totally cover your cards or otherwise interfere with the game, there may be issues at the casino.

Animal figurines

A common choice of design for card protectors is tiny animal figurines. While some gamers find them adorable, others have more superstitious beliefs and seek to communicate with their spirit animal.

In any case, always take care next time you’re at a major poker tournament. You will notice that there are always pandas, dragons, and dinosaurs perched atop players’ cards.

A card protector that covers and conceals your hole cards is not permitted. Therefore your main concern should be to bring a figurine that is not too large.

Cartoon characters

The game of poker is animated. And so are cartoon characters. Cartoon character figurines can be employed as poker card protectors. These can be used for reasons other than superstition-for fun and amusement.

It’s always a good thing to start gaining some notoriety in the playing field if you can discover a cartoon protector that’s amusing or stupid enough.

Players will want to play the game with you if you become famous as “The South Park Guy,” They would typically play you less optimally if you were a nameless player without any striking card protector identity.

In a live poker game, items like props and card protectors can absolutely have a purpose, and you can add a little bit of celebrity and hustle to your poker skills.

You may follow the example of this man, who brought a miniature representation of himself to serve as his card protector and received a lot of compliments for it.

Metal Chips

Metal Chips Poker card protectors

Out of all other things, metal chips are the only items exclusively designed to guard cards.

Due to their rising popularity, businesses have begun creating metal chips specifically with the role of poker card protectors in mind.

There are numerous card protectors in various designs that are silver and golden in the color that you can find on popular online eCommerce platforms.

Metal chips are perfect for preventing your cards from being folded. They are typically slightly larger than the typical poker chip and rather hefty in hand.

LEGO Blocks as Poker Card Protectors


If you think LEGO is just for kids, you need to reconsider your thoughts well. In poker, you’ll frequently see players utilizing LEGO Minifigures as card protectors.

The main idea behind this is that LEGO has so many distinct sets available. This makes it possible for fans of any series to have a figure that depicts their preferred fictitious setting.

Whether you like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Star Wars, it’s simple to buy a LEGO set that includes your favorite characters and let your friends know what you’re into. If you are willing to carry a lightweight card protector, LEGO figurines can sum up the problem.

The Original Lucky Charms

The Original Lucky Charms Poker card protectors

Personal lucky charms are a famous choice to use during poker. But if you don’t have one, there are a variety of items that are popularly regarded in various cultures as lucky.

Four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, or joker faces are frequently used as card protectors at poker tables.

Although placing a horseshoe on top of your cards might seem like a cliché from the Wild West, Texas Hold ’em is what you’re playing, so why not?


In brief, it is clear that there is no reason to avoid using poker card protectors. They are stylish, act as your game’s trademark, help offer recognization, and are fun to showcase. If you aren’t using one, it’s time you make a statement on the casino floor with a new protector. Who knows, bringing one may bring ample luck to your hands.

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